Monday, January 21, 2013

Personal Income by Gender


A researcher is comparing the distribution of total personal income TOTINCP by gender and has found what he believes is an anomaly. For total personal income TOTINCP $150,000 or more, we find 0 women and 4,509 men, unweighted. Does this seem plausible?


This is not an anomaly at all – in 2001, female income (across Canada) and male income in the Maritimes (and territories?) was capped at $120,000. See There are the same counts in SDA@CHASS. However, if you look in the documentation: and search 'High and Low Income Limits', there are two limits related to incomes. For females (and some males) it is L1 $120,000. That means, the maximum value in the field TOTINCP for females in the pumf is 120,000 and the maximum for some groups of males: 200,000.