Friday, September 17, 2010

Release of Two Articles in CST

An article entitled Migration from Central to Surrounding Municipalities in Toronto, MontrĂ©al and Vancouver which looks at movements of persons aged 25 to 44 years between central municipalities and suburban municipalities in the country’s three largest metropolitan areas - Toronto, MontrĂ©al and Vancouver is released today in the Canadian Social Trends. The article presents socio-economic characteristics of persons most and least likely to leave the central municipality for a neighbouring municipality.

An article entitled Foreign Nationals Working Temporarily in Canada is also released today. This study examines the growing number of non-permanent residents who work temporarily in Canada. They are compared with permanent residents in terms of demographic characteristics, location, occupations and earnings. Census data show that while the numbers destined to skilled work has been increasing, most non-permanent residents are found in relatively unskilled occupations. Reflecting the occupations in which they work, foreign nationals working temporarily in Canada tend to be paid less than are comparable Canadian born and established immigrant workers.

Enclosed is the link to the Spotlight on the Census web page

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