Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Portrait of Mixed Ethnocultural Couples

A portrait of mixed ethnocultural couples which examines the socio-demographic characteristics of mixed union couples in Canada is being released today.

As Canada’s population continues to become ethnoculturally diverse, there is greater opportunity for individuals to form conjugal relationships with someone from a different ethnocultural background. In this study, a mixed union, either marital or common-law, is based on one of two criteria: either one member of a couple belongs to a visible minority group and the other does not; or the couple belongs to different visible minority groups. Using data primarily from the 2006 Census of Population, this study examines the socio-demographic characteristics of mixed union couples in Canada. Studying mixed unions is important not only because these relationships reflect another aspect of the diversity of families today, but also for their implications in terms of social inclusion and identification with one or more visible minority groups, particularly for subsequent generations.

Enclosed is the link to the Spotlight on the Census web page

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