Thursday, September 16, 2010

Historical Census Data, Churchill, MB


I have a researcher looking for Census data for the town of Churchill, Manitoba between 1901 and 1996. I can access the complete Census from 1901 and 1961-1996 through the FTP, but I was unsure if Census data were available between 1901 and 1961.

They are only, as far as I know, in print publications. I have pdf files of the tables of contents of the print publications from of all censuses between 1901 and 1961 linked from:

(It's the 'Content of tables' link in each respective census'. I find them useful, so that I can determine which of several volumes to look in, before actually heading out to where the print vols. are. Look for any
tables for 'cities, towns, and villages'..........those should include Churchill.


The StatCan library has the census books, the admin reports and the commissioner manuals for those years. The quinquennial censuses of 06, 16, 26, etc. are loaded with Manitoba data.

Additional Information

If needed, we have a fairly thorough collection of census materials in paper at the Elizabeth Dafoe Library, University of Manitoba. Our Government Documents stacks are open to the public to use within the Library. Not all our older Census materials are catalogued, but they are all in one location, so it is pretty easy to scan through specific Census years.

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