Thursday, September 16, 2010

Manufacturers and Distributors in Calgary


I am looking for the number of manufacturers and distributors within the city of Calgary who ship cargo, where they ship the cargo, and the dollar value of the cargo they ship... Is this available anywhere please?


You could approach this from a few different angles using StatCan products and surveys.

Canadian Business Patterns ( - available through DLI) provides counts of business locations by NAICS at various levels of geography including CMAs. This product wouldn't give you information on destination of shipments and dollar value of cargo being shipped however, only counts of budiness locations in manufacturing/distribution/shipment industries. The first step would be to locate NAICS codes (( for the industries that interest your client. If you have any questions while doing this, please let me know and I will consult our contacts in the Business Register Division.

Some of StatCan's transportation surveys cover cargo shipments from a transportation perspective (air, rail, water - see general overview of transportation surveys in These transportation surveys wouldn't provide data on the number of manufacturers and distributors however. Please let me know if this is of interest and I will recommend specific sources.

Provincial-level data on products shipped by manufacturers would be available as a custom tables from our manufacturing surveys as would counts of business engaged in manufacturing at a sub-provincial level. I would be happy to refer you to an Account-Executive who could work with you on table specifications and provide a cost estimate if these or custom tables from the Business Register are of interest to your client.

Directories of manufacturers and distributors and/or industry associations may be sources of helpful information for your user as well.

I hope that these suggestions are helpful.

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