Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Temporary Workers in Canada - StatsCan Report

Re:  Temporary Workers in Canada over a 20 year period (was reported on on May 3rd).


Does anyone know the source that the CBC reporter would have used for this story?  Labour Force? Labour Force Historical Review? (not up-to-date?)

The researcher wonders if the data is available at the occupational level for legal professionals.

At first I thought I was looking for a report but don't think so. I'll keep looking, just back after two weeks away (and the question came in almost the moment I left town.)

On our end, we've received the following response from subject matter:

"It's outlined is the article that the source is the Labour Force Survey. 

Tell the researcher that yes, it is possible to produce a cross-tabulation of job permanency status by occupational groups as a cost recoverable product. 

The would be a small percentage of suppression due to sample size.

When asking for professionals, he is referring to the following: 

    11 Professional occupations in business and finance
    21 Professional occupations in natural and applied sciences
    30 Professional occupations in nursing
    31 Professional occupations in health (except nursing)
    40 Professional occupations in education services
    41 Professional occupations in law and social, community and government services
    51 Professional occupations in art and culture"

Please let me know if you would be interested in pursuing a custom tabulation.