Wednesday, May 22, 2019

2001 to 2016 DA Correspondence File

A doctoral student is interested in comparing certain variables in the 2001 and 2016 census at the DA level.  They would like to standardize the DAs a certain year, preferably 2001.  There are correspondence files on the StatsCan website at for each census year relative to the previous census year for 2001 to 2016 (i.e., 2016 to 2011, 2011 to 2006, 2006 to 2001).  However, the student would like to use a correspondence file for 2016 to 2001, if it exists as one file.  Is anyone aware of such a file?  I realize the same task could likely be accomplished programmatically with the three correspondence files available, but I think for this student (and to be honest, for me) it would be easier with one file.

Alternately, is there a way to obtain data for a specific geographic region (Toronto) for the two census years aggregated to 2001 or 2016 DA levels?  For example, in Dataverse we have a semi-custom tabulation of certain census data from 1971-2011 standardized to 2016 DA geographies, but it doesn’t contain the variables the student is looking for.

It looks as if (on our end) we’d have to go the custom tabulation route. Please let me know if you would be interested in pursuing this and I will have the proper individuals get in touch with you.