Friday, May 3, 2019

Spending on Child Care Services

I’m assisting a researcher who is looking to answer “how much net out of pocket spending (pretax) do individuals by gender and by household composition spend on paid child care services?”. I have recommended the 2016 Census PUMF, but the researcher is looking for 2017 data from the Survey Household Spending if possible. It’s not feasible to wait until the fall for the SHS PUMF to come out. What would the timeline and cost be for a custom tab?

Hello, there is a new survey that was released April 10, 2019: Survey on Early Learning and Child Care Arrangements (SELCCA) that should be able to answer these questions. It is available in the RDCs and will be available in the RTRA program shortly.

This is a link to the Daily release  and to the survey information: We can let you know once it is in RTRA.

Follow-up Answer:
We can otherwise pursue a custom tab if the researcher wants it from the SHS instead.
We’ve received the following response:

“The table attached to this email includes data pertaining to the 2017 SHS by Gender for Child Care Services. Should they require more data than that which is provided here, we can certainly look into performing a custom tabulation.”