Friday, May 17, 2019

Data on transportation of goods (maritime, railways, etc.)

A student at M.Sc in Operations and logistics is searching for data on freight flows (volumes of consumers, industrial, material goods).

He’s starting point is the Port of Montreal. He’s looking for any data on where all those goods go, which mode of transportation is used and what is their final destination.

I have sent the information from the Port of Montreal, but it’s incomplete as to the origin of the products and where they are going.

I’ve found the table 23-10-0216-01, but it doesn’t offer the port of origin. I’ve also found the Canadian Freight Analysis Framework.

I’ve sent all these resources, but for my students, it’s incomplete.

Would you have any suggestions I might refer him to?

I apologize for the delay – I had a meeting with the individual responsible for creating the data files for very similar subjects in the past, and he is extremely excited about the prospect of someone looking for more!

Unfortunately what IS available wouldn’t be publicly accessible… Only accessible via the RDCs. In saying that however, the data is not currently IN the RDCs (it would need to be completed before-hand). This isn’t necessarily the answer I’m sure your student is looking for, however I’ve been given a few different resources that will hopefully help some:

For starters, please check out the following NATS website: (the Data Tables section offers quite a lot!)

I was given the table 6-3a to pass along that might be useful as well (see attached). This was not accessible for me via the website, but hopefully the student has better luck.

Finally, I am attaching the 2011 Marine Origin and Destination tables (Domestic and International). There is MORE information than just Montreal in these documents, and although they are a little outdated, hopefully they will be of some use.

At this point in time there isn’t much else that we could help with, however the team responsible for creating these resources are very motivated to develop new data and would love feedback if the student had any interest!

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