Friday, May 10, 2019

Canadian Freight Analysis Framework

One of our patrons is interested in inter-regional trade, and is currently using the Canadian Freight Analysis Framework ( I’ve checked the master spreadsheet and there doesn’t appear to be anything else available via the DLI, nor does it seem to be available via the RDD, but I thought I would check with you.

Specifically, the patron is hoping for a more disaggregated SCTGGroup, the type of commodity shipped.

I had quite a lengthy chat with one of the subject matter experts in this area and unfortunately we were not able to come up with anything that would have met this individual's needs. I sent an email earlier this morning on a similar subject that contained a few resources that may also be helpful for your researcher, but nothing containing inter-regional trade unfortunately.

Sorry we couldn't be of more help! I was told that this may be revisited in the future however (and these types of questions/interests help get the project moving!)