Friday, May 10, 2019

Canadian International Merchandise Trade Database

Is it possible to have:

  • Imports
  • by Country

*by 10 digit level, specifically for 4412319013 Plywood, mahogany from the Canadian International Merchandise Trade Database?

I’ve received the following response from subject matter:

“The request mentioned below is possible but entails more information.

We would need to know:
- The years required
- Monthly or Yearly

Other variables available for Imports are:
-          Country of Export
-          Country of Origin
-          Port of Entry/Clearance
-          Mode of Transport
-          US State of Export/Origin
-          Duty Collected
-          Freight
-          Unit of Measure
-          Quantity
-          Value
Please send the above variables to the client as well as what years they need and if its monthly/yearly.

Follow-Up Question:
Researcher replied with:

Range of Years - latest 5 complete years available;

Data: Yearly (imports of only 4412319013);

Unit of Measure - sheets of plywood (all sizes, most common measure 4'x8'/metric equivalent, all thicknesses, usually between 6mm and 18mm);

Quantity - Total number of sheets;

Value - Total $ CAN assessed and basis of value (eg, Retail Sale in Canada or other basis)

Follow-Up Answer:
I’ve received the following response from subject matter:

“I have looked into this data request and there are some issues with the requested data (please see in red),

Year: 2014-2018
HS10: 4412319013
Unit of Measure: The unit of measure  is associated with the HS code for the commodity. Please refer the client to chapter 44 of the HS classification. I took a brief look and it looks like it’s mostly identified as 6mm in thickness size, but the unit of measure for these commodities is MTK ( Square Metre )
Quantity: The quantity doesn’t focus on number of sheets, only on square metre.
Value ($CDN) "

Follow-Up Question:

Researcher would like another quote for just:
Total square meters of this marine plywood, 4412319013, imported into Canada in 2018
Quantity: square metre
Value ($CDN)

and assumes the value is wholesale, (not retail), correct ?

Follow-Up Answer:
I’ve received the following response:

“Unfortunately, I am unable to answer the clients question inquiring if the value is wholesale and not retail. If the client would like to seek further clarification on that specific subject matter, I would suggest contacting MWTD.

As for the price of a custom tabulation including the year 2018, the cost will remain [the same] (plus applicable tax).”