Thursday, July 5, 2018

Sexual Misconduct in the Canadian Armed Forces

A) Will there be a PUMF for Sexual Misconduct in the Canadian Armed Forces? I know that you can get data from the RDCs.

B) A related question – can DLI put together a list of surveys indicating whether or not there is a pumf for that particular survey, and if not, where can we access the data, if it is possible. This would save us and our clients a lot of time.

A)The subject matter area responsible has informed us that there are no plans to develop a PUMF for the Survey on Sexual Misconduct in the Canadian Armed Forces (SSMCAF). It seems the data will only be made available through the RDCs. However, we have ensured that the team is aware of the level of interest.

B) Members of the DLI community have access to a listing of all DLI products. Also, on the EFT safe (MAD_PUMF_FMGD_DAM) there is a readme excel file that lists all PUMFs available in the DLI. All PUMFs have an associated master file. A listing of all master files available in the RDCs can be found at the data available in the RDCs page.