Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Birth Data and Census

A group of researchers are looking for birth or births data by Census geography for Manitoba. 

Statistics Canada does have a table or a CANSIM table that provides birth data for Census Divisions:

Statistics Canada.  Table  17-10-0085-01   Components of population growth by census division, age group and sex, annual, based on the Standard Geographical Classification (SGC) 2011

This  table will give births by Census Divisions.  2012-2016 (CANSIM table 051-0063).

There was a question I found at DIGRS:
Birth and death rates for Sackville, N.S.  indicates the 1996 Community Profiles had birth statistics:

However, I found the 2006 Community profiles and it no longer appears to include births:

There used to be a paper publication that provided births data for Census divisions and subdivisions:

Tully, Patricia and Brent Day (editors).  2004.   General summary of vital statistics by local area, 2002 : shelf tables.  Ottawa: Statistics Canada. 
http://www.publications.gc.ca/pub?id=9.666103&sl=0   (paper only)

This publication has vital statistics (including births) by Census Divisions and then by subdivisions. 

It seems a bit odd that an older paper publication is more detailed than current online tables, so I am wondering if I am perhaps missing something or if Census Division is the best current births data available?  I am checking provincial data as well, but have not seen anything more useful so far. 

Subject matter has informed us that they release births data by Census Divisions (CDs), Census Metropolitan Areas (CMAs) and Economic Region (ER): https://www150.statcan.gc.ca/n1/daily-quotidien/180213/dq180213a-cansim-eng.htm. These data covers July 1st to June 30.

If the researchers would like data on a calendar year (January to December) and other geographical areas, please let us know and we will enquire with the subject matter area responsible