Friday, July 13, 2018

PUMF for Canadian Disability Survey

I know that there was a decision not to have a PUMF for the CSD 2012.

What is the decision for the CSD 2017? Is there any chance that there will be a PUMF for the CSD 2012 – will they be reconsidering this decision?

Also, do you know when we will be receiving CANSIM tables for the CSD 2017?

We have received the following response from subject matter regarding your inquiry:

“Unfortunately, there will be no PUMF for 2017 or 2012.  There will be 8 or 9 CSD 2017 data tables (no longer called CANSIM tables) released on November 28, 2018 (CSD release day) and we are exploring other potential data tables for later release.”

We have made them aware that there is interest for a PUMF so we’ll keep pursuing that avenue.