Monday, July 23, 2018

Extraction System for Agricultural Statistics Replacement

Was there a replacement product for ESAS? ( Extraction System for Agricultural Statistics)

“The Extraction System of Agricultural Statistics (ESAS), which was a CD-ROM product, was replaced by the Canadian Farm Financial Database (CFFD) in 2009. Unfortunately, this product was discontinued in 2012.

The CFFD was an easy-to-use tool which provided the means to evaluate agriculture policies and programs as well as analyze the viability, stability and competitiveness of farm businesses. This web-based product was a comprehensive and timely database of administrative and survey sources of agricultural statistics, containing thousands of cross-classified data series, spanning two decades. The database offered detailed operating revenues and expenses; sources and levels of farm and off-farm income for operators and farm families; assets, liabilities, capital investments and capital sales for farms; and information on seeded area and livestock inventories by region, type of farm and revenue class. 

The content of the database could no longer be maintained by Statistics Canada. The database was not compliant with the Government of Canada’s new accessibility and security requirements and it resided on a legacy server that was scheduled to retire. The CFFD was  removed from Statistics Canada’s website on July 31, 2012. The CFFD  was a product that served to complement CANSIM tables that were available for free on our website.

Data from the Agriculture Taxation Data Program are available in CANSIM tables (002-0024 to 002-0042 and 002-0044 to 002-0063) for years up to 2013 or 2014 depending on the series.

Data from the Farm Financial Survey are available in CANSIM tables (002-0071 to 002-0074).

With the transition to the New Dissemination Model (NDM), new table numbers have been assigned but the clients can access them with the former CANSIM tables.

The Agriculture Taxation Data Program underwent a redesign with reference year 2015 and no data have been loaded in the NDM yet. However, data files on Farm operating revenues and expenses for  reference year 2015 (revised data) and 2016 (preliminary data) are available upon request. Data files on Total income of farm operators for reference year 2015 are also available.”