Monday, April 24, 2017

Canadian Health Measures Survey

I have a researcher who is looking to possibly use the Canadian Health Measures Survey and is looking for information on what components data is collected for.

Here is the question:
I am trying to determine if I could potentially use the Canadian Health Measures Survey for an upcoming study. I know they collect biological samples (blood, urine etc.) and I was just wondering if there is a list of which components they collected data for (e.g. creatinine, arsenic).

Does such a list exist and is it publicly available? If not, is there someone she could contact to get this information?

Here is the response from Subject Matter, along with the corresponding attachment:

“I’m attaching the CHMS Content Summary for Cycles 1-8. Please share this with the researcher:

There are no data files available to researchers through the DLI. Access is available however to approved research studies through the RDCs. Here’s a link to the program: Custom tabulations are also available on a cost recovery basis.”