Monday, April 24, 2017

Canadian Coroners and Medical Examiners Database

For anyone interested in the accessing the Canadian Coroners and Medical Examiners Database:

“The CCMED began collecting information for deaths having occurred in 2006, however, only the data up to and including the 2010 reference year were released. Comprehensive data for all provinces and territories are not available: Manitoba and Newfoundland and Labrador have yet to provide data, and data for other provinces and territories are unavailable for some years and/or some data elements. The project lost a lot of momentum with the expiration of the data sharing agreements with the provinces and territories. The opioid crisis has renewed interest in the CCMED and most provinces and territories have signed the new agreement. We are hoping to reconvene the steering committee shortly and start looking at how we can improve the quality, coherence and timeliness of the data received across the jurisdictions. With the exception of the Public Health Agency of Canada, the CCMED microdata are not available to researchers external Statistics Canada.”