Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Ontario University Enrollment Numbers

I have a researcher looking for enrollment numbers for each Ontario University by program for the years 2005 to 2016? Where can I find this?

I have been unable to find enrolment statistics for Ontario universities from statcan.

You do have the aggregate data from the Postsecondary Student Information System (PSIS), such as Table 477-0019

Postsecondary enrolments, by registration status, Pan-Canadian Standard Classification of Education (PCSCE), Classification of Instructional Programs, Primary Grouping (CIP_PG), sex and student status

PSIS produces a wide range of outputs that contain estimates for various student or postsecondary institution characteristics. Results are published for institutions from which we have received written consent.

I found enrolment data from the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities

There is institutional level data from the Council of Ontario Universities (CUDO) archives:

Some data elements from individual institutions are not included in the comparative database, and have been included in the CUDO Archives maintained by each Ontario university. To access historical information and data about an individual Ontario university, please click on the desired year below

Aggregated enrolment by CUDO

Answer (2)
I would guess that if there is a site with all this information, it would be the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development ( have you checked with them to see if they have this information?

Western has that information online for each year, on the Office of Institutional Planning and Budgeting site:, but I don’t know if the programs would be detailed enough. Guelph has a similar page - - but it doesn’t have a historic run of data. Queen’s has various Enrolment Reports (,, etc.)

In the absence of anything collated, slogging through each institution’s web page might be the only solution – reports to Senate, etc.

Answer (3)
“We do collect enrollments for each Ontario university and by institutional programs. Please note that the most recent data that we have is 2014/2015.

We could produce a custom table for the client with the chosen variables he has previously stated. Also note that these tables are custom and come at a cost.”