Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Cost Structure of Wood Product Manufacturing

We received request from one of our client asking for cost structure of the Wood Product Manufacturing at a more detailed level.

Currently the StatCan website provides 3 digit level (321) but the client is requesting information at 6 digit level (321999) at  NAICS. The related table is CANSIM Table 3830032.

Could you  please  confirm if detailed 6 digit level information is available?

We have received the following response from subject matter regarding your request:

“The KLEMS data, which is what client is referencing, is not available at the 6 digit level. The finest degree of detail in KLEMS is a combination of 4 digit NAICS with a number of special aggregations.  There is a wood products manufacturing industry (3120) where we have the MFP decomposition.  In terms of releasing it, we just need to verify that there are no confidentiality concerns.  If the client wants a finer level of detail than that, it would likely have to come from the Input-Output accounts or from the ASM.

Just one other thing to note, the client requested cost structure information.  In KLEMS we only have energy, materials and services as categories.  If the client wants more specific detail, they would need to contact one of the other divisions.”