Friday, February 10, 2017

UPDATE: Today's Release - LFS January 2017

Errors were detected in the survey and weights of the January 2017 PUMF files that were released on February 10th 2017. We have notified subject matter of the errors and are awaiting their response. Please note we have removed the January LFS files from the FTP site. We will upload replacement files when they are provided by subject matter.

Pertains to the following:

Labour Force Survey (LFS) – January 2017

LFS data for January 2017 are now available on the EFT site.

This public use microdata file contains non-aggregated data for a wide variety of variables collected from the Labour Force Survey (LFS). The LFS collects monthly information on the labour market activities of Canada's working age population. This product is for users who prefer to do their own analysis by focusing on specific subgroups in the population or by cross-classifying variables that are not in our catalogued products

The Labour Force Survey estimates are based on a sample, and are therefore subject to sampling variability. Estimates for smaller geographic areas, industries, occupations or cross tabulations will have more variability. For an explanation of sampling variability of estimates, and how to use standard errors to assess this variability, consult the Data Quality section in the Guide to the Labour Force Survey.

Eft: /MAD_PUMF_FMDG_DAM/Root/3107_LFS_EPA/1976-2017/data/