Wednesday, February 1, 2017

2015 CCHS Data

I have a researcher interested in accessing 2015 CCHS data, most specifically variables from the 2015 rapid response 'Risk Factors for Heart Disease'. She has a colleague that told her those data would be available in March, but I hadn't heard this and know that the 2014 data just recently became available.

In checking the DLI tentative release dates website it indicates that the release data for CCHS 2015-2016 PUMFs is Fall 217. Just want to confirm that this is correct, and also would this release would include the 'Risk Factors for Heart Disease' variables that she is interested in?

Currently the plan is to release the next CCHS PUMF (2015-2016) in the Fall of 2017. The PUMF will not include questions from the Rapid Response.

I confirmed with Subject Matter that there is nothing going in CANSIM, and there will be no pub. Rapid Response data are only available as custom tabs, or with access through an RDC.

I inquired if there was documentation, such as a zero count codebook that I could share. Their response was the following:

Right now, there is nothing available to us that we can send out to a researcher, but I think there will be. The RDCs should have the data from the RR in the next month or so.