Wednesday, February 1, 2017

STDs and Relationships - Current Data

A researcher is looking for the most recent survey microdata on STD diagnosis broken down by type of STD, even if only HIV/AIDS together with type of relationship &/or partners data. She is aware she might be using master files.

The researcher has found the first two cycles of the NPHS (Health Component), but requires more recent data. She has explored the CCHS, but its yes/no question on a STD (s) is not detailed enough. I don’t think the Canadian Health Measures Survey covers infection markers much beyond hepatitis? We searched but so far, we haven’t had much luck. Could you please advise us whether we have missed anything?

“Below is an article (females) which contains some info on STI’s (table 5).

PHAC has a lot of information on Sexually transmitted infections.

As well here is a link to CHMS info:

Hope this info is of assistance.”