Thursday, February 2, 2017

Is a record layout file available for the export and import files in the Canadian International Merchandise Trade database? For example for the year 2014, I can't find the record layout for the export file (ex201412.dat) or the import file (im201412.dat) in the EFT. But, after some searching online I found this record layout (this is for the export data, can't find one for the import data). It seems to cover all the years and is very helpful with figuring out the structure of the export and import files. Here are some other ones online as well for exports and imports.

Is it possible to add this record layout file for both exports and imports for each year? Or is it somewhere else?

If I understand correct, you are asking us to add a record layout to the EFT?

In the DLI we have up to 2014 data.  The Canadian International Merchandise Trade Database is now maintained online. Data on Canadian international merchandise trade for December 2015 will be released on February 5, 2016.

[Here are] other release dates.

You have the concepts of the elements in the database here.

Followup Question
Yes, I am asking to have the record layout file added to the EFT. The online version of the Canadian International Trade Database is a great resource when smaller amounts of data are needed. But, the files on the EFT are helpful when researchers need a larger part of the data. 

Followup Answer
I inquired with subject matter regarding record layout of CIMT and this is their response:
“Unfortunately, there is no record layout available for the Canadian International Merchandise Trade database since there is no data extraction possible. We have a record layout for the clients that are asking/buying us data which refers to their order.”
They informed me that they were unaware were that text file on the IMDB was generated.

Upon further investigation, I went digging into the EFT to ensure that we were not missing anything regarding the International Merchandise Trade Data. I noted in the doc folder for 2014 as you referenced an .xls file that provides the record layouts under various tabs.

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