Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Statistics on Suicide

I’m trying to help a Ph.D. student who’s working a project to compare suicide rates in the US and Canada, particularly the copycat effect. She’s been able to obtain figures for the U.S., in some cases at the county level, and she’s now trying to get Canadian data.

I’ve found a number of tables in CANSIM listing suicide or self-inflicted injury among the leading causes of death, but few of them are at a low enough level of geography or cover a long enough time period.

Most of those that are geographically detailed enough (102-4313, 102-4314 for example) appear to be based on 3 year averages.

She needs both greater frequency—annual figures at a minimum--and geographic detail--HR / Peer groups or, if possible, CMA-level.

Are there any sources available to us that might satisfy her data requirements short of referring her to the local RDC?

This would have to be a custom (costs associated) and the results would be rounded to a neighbouring multiple of 5.