Friday, February 24, 2017

Postal CodeOM Conversion File Plus (PCCF+) version 6C: Revised SAS Program

Postal CodeOM Conversion File Plus (PCCF+) version 6C: Revised SAS Program
An error in the PCCF+ 6C SAS code was identified which resulted in the overwriting of 2011 Census dissemination areas (DAs) with 2006 Census DAs. This error was introduced during our process of standardizing the coding for the input data files for version 6C of PCCF+. This error does not impact the majority of dissemination areas since 92% of DAs have a one-to-one match between 2006 and 2011 censuses (Statistics Canada, Correspondence Files, Reference Guide – Census year 2011; Catalogue no. 92-156-G). For the remaining 8% of DAs, users may find their data are assigned to a decommissioned 2006 Census DA unique identifier code.

An error in the processing of the institutional routine which resulted in rural postal codes erroneously being assigned via population weighted random allocation instead of the rural post office (RPO) has been corrected in the PCCF+ SAS program.
Since the SAS input data files in PCCF+ version 6C were not affected by these errors, a new version of the full product was not created. Instead, the SAS program has been revised to correct this error. Users should replace with the attached version ( in order to resolve these errors.

Please contact Health Analysis Division by e-mail ( should you have any questions.

EFT: /MAD_PCCF_FCCP_DAM/root/2011/pccf-fccp-plus/pccf6c-fccp6c/doc/PCCFplus_6C_revised2_SAS/