Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Industrial Water Survey (IWS): any PUMF access?

I have a University of Toronto researcher who is interested in data obtained through the Industrial Water Survey (IWS).

She has looked at several CANSIM tables (I have the numbers)  that are using data from the IWS, but the tables do not provide enough detail for her either at the geographic level nor at the manufacturing subsector level. She is also looking for further breakdowns related  to water acquisition and public utilities costs.

I don’t see the IWS listed as a DLI product. Would it still be possible to get access to a IWS PUMF through DLI, or should the researcher contact Statistics Canada directly?

I received a reply from subject matter. It appears your client [has two] ways forward - Custom tabulation or application through the Canadian Centre for Data Development and Economic Research (CDER) 

If they are interested in custom tables it would help to have a clear understanding of the specific dimensions for the data request (e.g., what level of NAICS and geography) along with a list of variables. I’m assuming by the reference to the manufacturing subsector that the client is only interested in the manufacturing industry, is that correct?  I can pass this information off to subject matter for an estimate.

Should they wish to pursue access through CDER, they would be subject to CDER’s research application process and be expected access the files onsite at Statistics Canada head office. More information can be found here: http://www.statcan.gc.ca/eng/cder/prop