Wednesday, October 26, 2016

CMHC Microdata


I have a researcher who is looking for information on rental prices that ideally comes with indicators of type of rental (one-bedroom, two-bedroom etc.) and location at the neighbourhood level. She indicates that rather than aggregates per neighbourhood (e.g. average rental price for Kitsilano in 2015), she wants the underlying data where the rental (or survey respondent as may be the case) is the unit of analysis.

I have pointed her to Table 6 "Private Row (Townhouse) and Apartment Average Rent by Bedroom Type" but she is interested in the underlying data if its available.

Is this available--? I realize this is a CMHC survey but they have partnered with Statistics Canada in the past.


Detailed information for the data from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation can be obtained from the contact below.

Status: Active
Frequency: Monthly
Record number: 7505

The data we have from CHMS is provided to statcan:

This data is obtained from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation and is provided subject to CMHC's End-Use License Agreement.