Wednesday, October 19, 2016

PCCF/PCCF+ Usability Question

We have a researcher that has collected her own data where each entry has either a Postal Code or Full Address. This collected data spans from 2006 to 2013. They would like to use the NHS 2011, to get demographic information on a CSD level for this data. We know we need to use a PCCF file but, are unsure which one release to use due to the time span of the data (2006 to 2011).


Have you considered using the PCCF+ file?

I consulted a presentation, available on our Training Repository here, delivered by Health Analysis Division in 2015 regarding the differences of PCCF and PCCF+, and the presentation highlighted that:

“Consider using PCCF+ rather than PCCF-SLI if any of the following apply

4. The “vintage” of the postal codes on your file spans more than one census”
4: “Vintage” of postal codes

  • Postal codes on your file spans more than one census
  • PCCF+ assigns DA or EA from each census from 1981 through 2011
  • Useful for time-varying variables
The presentation also presents several case scenarios and which product to use – example of one of the case scenarios presented

Potential case strategies
Several geocoding scenarios are possible
1.Only postal codes available

  • Use PCCF-SLI or PCCF+ to assign geographic codes, etc…
2.Full street address available
  • Use address geocoding software (GIS)
  • Use PCCF-SLI or PCCF+ on postal code portion of address
3.Telephone numbers available
  • Reverse lookup to get postal code or address
  • Use 911 system maps to get location from address
The most recent PCCF+ is found on the EFT here

There is a read me file at the root of the safe that indicates the release date of the versions. Version 6C is the most recent.