Monday, April 6, 2015

Vital Statistics Question (CANSIM)


We have a researcher working on determining if death by alcoholic liver disease (K70) is related to vulnerable populations. She is looking more specifically at death by K70 and race/ethnicity and death by K70 and age. Is this available?


The author division has confirmed that –

The race/ethnicity data is nonexistent on the record layout for Vital therefore even as a custom we are unable to help. The following statistical data items are reported for each death by the appropriate authorities for inclusion in the Canadian Vital Statistics system:

- Age, sex, marital status, place of residence and birthplace of the deceased
- Date of death
- Underlying cause of death classified to the " World Health Organization International Statistical Classification of Disease and Related Health Problems" (ICD).
- Province or territory of occurrence of death
- Place of accident (for most non-transport accidental deaths)
- Autopsy (whether one was held, and if so, whether the results of it were taken into account in establishing the cause of death)

The rest of the information is available with Table 102-0531.