Monday, April 27, 2015

Ordering instructions for Survey of Financial Security on CD-ROM


I have provided data from the most recent Survey of Financial Security to a faculty member. He mentioned that he is working with collaborators in the UK and in Uruguay – one or both of them are interested in receiving the data file in order that they may do some of the analysis.

Is there anywhere to direct them other than to the information about the SFS PUMF in the Daily - Clicking on (the link given to product 13M0006X from that page) takes me to a completely blank screen (in both firefox and chrome).

A couple of more general questions. Are Statistics Canada data free to overseas users as well as Canadians? Do non-Canadian institutions or individuals use the same order mechanism as Canadians?

Would sending a request for the file to be sent on CD to work? They don’t really want more information – they want to order it.


Check the link again, I have tried it several times and only about 1/10 attempts failed to load in internet explorer but the other times I was successful without issue. 

To address your other questions I confirmed that with regards to the PUMFs this Statistics Canada data is free to overseas users as well as Canadians and they would use the same order mechanism as Canadians. I believe sending the request for the file to be sent on CD to would work.

International data users can contact Statcan with the information supplied. There is also the generic ordering form from the SFS PUMF product page. They will need to sign a licence agreement, which is counter signed by the director of the surveys division. I do believe they will then disseminate the product via the Electronic File Transfer (EFT) web portal.