Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Energy Stats for Canada


I have a student who is looking for the energy consumption and source (I assume he means production) for Canada for years 1932 and 1993. I have no problem finding stats for 1993, but having trouble with 1932.

For example, I found Cansim table 128-0003 – Supply and demand of primary and secondary in natural units. Is there anything else, I should be looking at? Could you please help me find the stats for 1932?


Try the Canada Year Book, 1932 <>. There is a chapter (pp. 287-304) on water power and a section on fuel (coal/natural gas/petroleum, pp. 278-282); mineral production of Canada by provinces (p.253) includes coal, natural gas, peat, crude petroleum (for 1930, so you might want the 1934 book).