Monday, November 17, 2014

Postal code Population Counts


One of our researchers is requesting postal code population counts for the years 2003- current. How can she get that? Is the PCCF+ the way to go? Just wondering if there is any documented methodology that anyone could provide for this? If not, is there any technical documentation that could direct us to our options, or could either of these two be a good option?

1) Using population ranges, e.g., POP_CNTR_RAclass and then parsing for value =4 (large population centres over 100,000), also using the variable: CSizeMIZ, or

2) Calculating the counts, e.g., using the file DABLKPOINT and variable DAPop2011(Sum of dissemination block population within dissemination area) and the postal code population weighting file in the PCCF+ … i.e., for postal codes linking to more than one DA?


Postal code population counts, other than the censuses, are not available. However, census disclosure rules prevent the publication of such data.

Population counts by postal codes are not available from us due to census disclosure rules. I am not aware of any satisfactory method to ‘derive’ an estimate.