Friday, November 14, 2014

Insect Damage to Crops


A group of researchers is looking for data (preferably Canadian) on the value of crop loss caused by pests (insects and acari) and herbivores.They are looking for the value of damage to tomato, strawberry, and grape crops (specifically by spider mites, but that might limit the available data too severely).Would StatCan’s Agricultural Division have any such data, or can anyone suggest other sources? Would this be covered under crop insurance, or available from provincial Ministries of Agriculture?


You are correct, data on crop losses is not available through our agency’s website and perhaps not even collected. We have alternative data sources that are related to the subject. The one time ‘inactive’ Crop Protection Survey, program id 5100 might be of interest to you. The following link will allow you to consult the methodology: <>

In the CANSIM Table 002-0005 entitled: "Farm operating expenses and depreciation charges, annual (dollars x 1,000)," you will find data on Fertilizer and lime expenses as well as Crop and hail insurance. In table 6 of catalogue number 21-023 entitled: "Farm Environmental Management Survey," you will find data on Pesticide use on Canadian crop farms by Province and region: <>

I don’t think anyone in Ag. Div would have that type of data, what we do have is probably the closest they will find at STC. What we have in CAFS is data on ‘Direct payments’ to agricultural producers in publication 21-015 <>. These are payments made under a variety of government programs including crop insurance, hail insurance, agri-recovery, agri-stability, etc.

These data are available annually, 2013 will be released soon. The publication contains notes explaining what each program is for. As a special request we can also provide more details on the AgriRecovery programs, this is where any government money being given for ‘disaster’ situations would be reported (attached below).

For the most part crop insurance covers only the major grains and oilseeds, though I believe some are now starting to offer coverage to horticulture growers.

We don’t have any data specific to certain crops unless there was a program specifically for one of these situations. I think this type of information is most likely to be included in an Agri-Recovery program as noted above, so I would suggest contacting someone at AAFC who is responsible for this program (which is part of Growing Forward2). Though we might have as much as they do.