Wednesday, November 12, 2014

PCCF File and License


There are researchers here at McGill who have used the latest version to code their data. They would like to add physician density by region to their data analysis, which can be calculated and supplied by CIHI. The problem is that CIHI only has access to an older 2011 PCCF+ file so the data would not match the coding for the latest health region boundaries.

Can these researchers share the PCCF+ file with CIHI so that CIHI can supply them with compatible data? Or is there some way CIHI could be provided with an up to date PCCF+ file?


Clause 9 of the End-use Licence Agreement for Postal CodeOM Conversion File, Postal Codes OM by Federal Ridings File and Postal CodeOM Conversion File Plus (“data product”) states that:

"The Licensee is authorized to provide the data product to contractors/consultants only for the purpose of “providing data manipulation and consulting services exclusively to Licensee. Upon completion of work, the contractor/consultant must i) return all data products to Licensee, and ii) delete the data product from their systems and premises. Contractors or consultants may not use the data product or derived products for their own purposes or to offer services to third parties."

It is the Licensee’s responsibility to ensure that the files provided for the purposes of consulting services are returned and deleted from their systems/premises.