Friday, November 7, 2014



I have a student who has asked for the following from the NLSCY Longitudinal (ECD); are these data available in any public source?
- # of teen mothers (age 15-19 years) for cycles 2-8
- # of advanced age mothers (age 35+ years) for cycles 2-8
I suspect this would require a custom tab, which she has no time for, but I thought I would ask anyway.

She also wanted to know how many of the teen and advanced age mothers gave birth for the first time (first child only); I have found CANSIM table 102-4508 (Live births, by age and parity of mother, Canada), the data for which comes from the Vital Statistics - Birth database, so the data source isn't the NLSCY, but it will have to do, since she has no time to order a custom tab.

I do have a question about this CANSIM table: it provides the number of live births, and percentage of live births. I am moderately confused by the use of 'percentage' in this case; does it mean that, for example, the 100 live births for mothers under 15 in 2010 represented 98.0% of all births in that age category?
To explain this one, I downloaded an old publication which shows the same table (but for 2009 instead of 2011). In the publication it is easier to see how the percentages are calculated. This table was extracted from CANSIM. Again the information shows 2009 data and it is to help understand how the table is structured. CANSIM has the same information but more updated.