Thursday, August 21, 2014

Survey of Innovation 2002-2005


There were more questions on the Survey of Innovation 2002-2005. I have the following questions:
1) Is SIBS data available at the provincial level? The Excel files I downloaded from the FTP site only give data at the national level, whereas the Survey of Innovation (2003) gave provincial data in the Excel sheets.
2) For SIBS, we are only finding limited documentation: Data Accuracy, Standard Symbols and the list of files. Is there any intention to develop something similar to the Survey of Innovation's more detailed "How to Read the Tables" PDF document?
3) Is the division ready and able to provide custom tabulations for SIBS 2012 data?


As indicated, Data for SIBS 2012 has been stratified by regions: Atlantic provinces; Ontario; Quebec; Alberta; and Rest of Canada. This data for 2009 and 2012 is available on CANSIM.

We have already released all questions for the innovation
module and global value chains <>.

SIBS 2009 was not stratified with these regions and we suggest that users use this data with caution. This note appeared in our Note to Readers for all three major releases.

The Business Strategy module is set to be released for August 25, 2014.

In terms of custom tabulation, we are presently not prepared to offer this service as we have other priorities to fulfill to complete this project. We will be discussing a custom tabulation strategy at the start of the month for it involves three divisions.