Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Cranberry Production


Where could I find historical producer prices for cranberries (besides the local producers association APCQ)? The provincial producers’ groups seem the most likely source of up to date information.

I did find a couple of CANSIM tables that include cranberry production figures, but they only go back to 2008


The Agriculture Division, Horticulture Unit explained that:

"We do not collect prices in the Horticulture Unit. All the data we have are collected in the Fall Fruit and Vegetable Survey and the data can be found in CANSIM 001-0009: <> area, production and farm gate value of fresh and processed fruits, by province, annual, 1926 to 2013.” 

I changed the date range from 1926 to 2013 and you can see that in Canada we started to produce cranberries in 1996.