Friday, August 22, 2014

Canadian International Merchandise Trade


I have a researcher who is looking for the December 2013 Domestic Exports by Country and Imports by Country from Canadian International Merchandise Trade (65-001-X).

From the website: <> – I can get the December 2013 tables, but the Imports and Exports by Country are not listed. From searching the website, I can see that the last time these tables are listed is August 2012 <> - table 4 and table 8 are the ones the researcher wants for 2013.

Are the tables for Imports and Exports by Country available for December 2013 or will he have to do a custom tabulation?”


The information for imports and domestic exports by country for December 2013 is not accessible through our publications. It would indeed require custom tables that would include fees. However, there are other solutions:
- The first would be to manually gather the information from the CIMT database for every country for the designated period.
- The second would be follow the second link on this webpage <> and search through Industry Canada’s Database.This would be the most efficient in my opinion.