Friday, August 1, 2014

Canadian Income Survey Variables

I have Economists who are interested to know what Immigration variables there will be in the Canadian Income Survey PUMF.

I know that this is not slated for release until some time next year. But the Survey of Consumer Finances, and the Survey of Labour and Income Dynamics which are predecessors to this survey both had variables which identified participants who were immigrants, and how long it had been since they immigrated. They are hoping to update their work with these variables.

Can we get any information about what variables are in the new survey, and what might be included in the PUMF?


the Author Division explained that:

"No date has been set yet for the 2011 SLID PUMF. We are aiming for late spring with this PUMF too. As for the Canadian Income Survey (CIS), there are tentative plans to produce a PUMF. However, until we release the initial data from CIS (most likely in fall, 2014), we cannot even think about a timeline for a PUMF. Most likely, such a PUMF will not be until 2015."

We will update the Tentative Release dates accordingly for CIS with a tentative release date in 2015.