Friday, August 29, 2014

Health Expenditure Data


A researcher at McMaster needs health expenditure data (in current dollars for Ontario) for private sector from 2000-2013, with specific breakdowns for private sector out-of-pocket and private health insurance.

I’ve looked through CIHI’S National Expenditure Trends, 1975 to 2013 but haven’t been able to locate any tables for Ontario. Is this data part of a custom request? 


The Health Divison explained that: "What I am able to find is from either the National Accounts or the Survey of Household Spending.

Table 380-0085 - Detailed household final consumption expenditure quarterly (dollars x 1,000,000) – Showing Canada level, it contains a section on “Insurance and financial services” and another section called “Health”. -- Maybe a custom?

Table 203-0021 - Survey of household spending (SHS), household spending, Canada, regions and provinces annual (dollars) – I do not know if they are able to refine further as a custom on “Health insurance premiums” or what “Personal Insurance Payments” is.This table, however, only starts in 2010.