Monday, June 16, 2014

Genealogy Question


Genealogy questions are a bit beyond the scope of the service I provide, but I have a question from someone asking for clues about how to find census data about one of their relatives, born in 1880 in NFL, died in Toronto in 1976. To the best of my knowledge, the names of individuals are blocked out from Statistics Canada census data for privacy purposes, and I’m probably going to refer this person to the public library for assistance. But do you, in the DLI community, field many genealogy questions? How do you typically handle these?


The names are available (and searchable) for the early censuses. See: <>. Note: the summary of the legislation at the bottom of: <>.

I get the occasional question from members of the public, and I do tend to refer them to the public library. This would also be a great place to refer them however: <>.