Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Potential Years of Life Lost data from 2000 to 2013


A researcher is looking for Potential Years of Life Lost data from 2000 to 2013. She is looking for a breakdown of causes of death as presented in CANSIM tables 102-0010, 102-0211, 102-0011 but the most recent data is from 1997.

The recent PYLL figures in table 102-0110 only include suicide and unintentional injuries as causes of death. Does anyone know if it is possible to get recent PYLL data with regard to breakdown of causes of death as presented in the previous tables?


We do have a couple of tables with more recent PYLL information by those causes:

- Table 102-4309 has data for 2000/2002 and 2005/2007 down to the health region level.

- Table 102-4310 has data for 2005/2007 at the Census Metropolitan Area level.

- As mentioned 102-0110 only presents injury and suicide among the causes of death.  

There are also tables presenting PYLL by potentially avoidable, treatable or preventable causes, but they don’t break down further than that. 102-4311 is at the health region level for 2006/2008 and up, while 102-4312 is at the provincial level from 1979.

Anything beyond those would require a custom tabulation. 

If the client is looking more at the cause rather than the geography,s/he could use the various mortality by cause tables (e.g. 102-0551 or the causes by chapter tables 102-0521 through 102-0542) with some population estimates (e.g. 051-0001) and calculate the results himself/herself.  These would be at the Canada level only, however.