Monday, June 9, 2014

Hospital Morbidity Database


The Hospital Morbidity Database is listed as available for researchers on the CIHI site. However, there is a cost for it. Is it possible for the faculty member to obtain this through the DLI? < +care/acute+care/hmdb_metadata>


The procedure for acquiring data, as it is not available through the DLI. Data from the HMDB can be requested by filling out a data inquiry form: < /data_ inquiry_e.asp>.

Academic researchers (except for students through the Graduate Student Data Access Program < +submission/data+requests/reqdata_gsdap> are considered Price A clients and are charged $145/hour. When the client completes the inquiry form it will be forwarded to the appropriate team who will then contact the client to discuss the details of the request. There is no charge for submitting an inquiry.