Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Questions about the Public Service Employee Survey

I have a researcher who is asking about the “Public Service Employee Survey”.  The last available PUMF is 2008.  They are wondering if any more PUMF’s are available or planned.   I see that the survey was redesigned in 2008.  I suspect the answer is no more PUMFs but it never hurts to ask.

Also, the PUMF lists responses by “Respondent ID”.   I researcher would like to know if the “Respondent ID” remain consistant over time.  Ie.  Is the same respondent referred to by the “respondent ID” in different PUMFs.

Here is the response from subject matter:

“TBS (the sponsoring client for PSES) did not request PUMFs for any cycle after 2008, so unfortunately these are not available.  The master file is available in the RDC, but there are restrictions on who is able to access it (to avoid employers seeing responses from, or being able to identify, their employees). 

For PSES, respondents are not tracked over multiple cycles.  For that reason, there is no identifying variable that corresponds to the same respondent from one cycle to the next.”