Wednesday, February 20, 2019

PCCF+ ID Variable

I’m trying to set up a PCCF+ file for someone and wanted to check…

My input file is a dataset with two columns: ID and Postal Code.  My question is about the ID variable: are these randomly generated or is the ID pulled from an actual place?

The ID needed can be from the researcher’s dataset or simply 1,2,3,…. that you put in to run the dataset. When I am helping researchers with the PCCF+, I suggest that they use the ID field from the dataset that the postal codes are from. That way, when they get the output file it is easier to match up to their dataset.

The rule for ID in the PCCF+ is that it is unique and up to 15 characters. I have used IDs containing letters and it has worked.

I have attached a PCCF+ Guide that Jeff Moon wrote that is very helpful in running the PCCF+. The example uses version 6B1 but process is the same regardless of the PCCF+ version.

** The original email had the PCCF+ Guide attached.