Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Households and the Environment Survey (HES) 2017

I have a request from a researcher who would like access to the most recent HES microdata from 2017.

 According the website, the main release date for the survey data was January 28, 2019, but a search in the DLI collection and the Statistics Canada website Data catalogue only finds the 2015 survey data.

(I was only able to find the Households and the Environment: Radon awareness and testing 2017 from the STATCAN website)

Could you tell me the main release for 2017 is available, and if so, where I can direct the researcher. Also, will there be a PUMF available for this survey (and if so, when will it be available)?

Here is the response from subject matter:

“The release has been delayed and will likely take place by the middle of March.”

The PUMF has also been delayed and there is unfortunately no foreseeable date for its release.