Thursday, February 7, 2019

Bootstrap Weights for CCHS 2104 Annual Component

A student here is looking for the bootstrap weights file (b5.txt) that  is described in the documentation for CCHS 2014 Annual. It does not appear on or on the EFT site; indeed, I cannot find any trace of CCHS 2014 on the EFT site. Any ideas as to where we might find this file?

 The 2014 annual file can be found here: /MAD_PUMF_FMGD_DAM/Root/3226_CCHS-Ann_ESCC-Ann/2013-14/2014

I myself do not see any bootstrap datasets so I will need to go back to subject matter with this one.

Subject matter has responded with the following:

"Please note that the 2014 CCHS PUMF did not contain Boostrap weights data. It was not distributed because it did not exist at the time, we only started introducing the Boostraps with the 2015 Pumf."

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