Friday, February 1, 2019

Population of Alberta Files

I need to find the population of a number of municipalities in Alberta by dissemination area.  We are trying to create a map with population of part of Alberta.  The map is a river basin.  We have the shape files for the river basin, but I need the dissemination area data so that the files can be joined. 

Are these available on the DLI site?  I saw some files, but wasn't sure exactly which ones to download.

I’ve consulted with subject matter on this one and they gave me the following information:

“The client can use Geosuite for this:

1.      First, search for the province of Alberta. There will be a dropdown with the results, select it, and press the magnifying glass.

2.      Next, click on DA in the hierarchy chart (highlighted in yellow). A list of all of the DAs in Alberta will be listed below.

3.      You can now export this list and select only the columns needed for your analysis (i.e. DAuid and population). You can add or remove these columns with the Show/Hide columns button.

4.      You can now export your data into a .csv file. Note: If you selected specific columns, choose export selection. If you require all of the data that was first loaded, choose export all.