Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Smoking habits of young Canadians

I have a very strong feeling that the answer to this question lies in a custom tabulation, but I figured I’d throw it out in case anyone knows of a resource I missed…

I have a researcher who is looking into the habits of young legal Canadian smokers. Of course, this means they want different age ranges depending on the province of origin (18-20 or 19-20 depending). They were using CCHS 2014, but are open to using another source if they can get the data they need – the closest I could get was using the Youth Smoking Survey, which lets us group the ages how we’d like, but since it’s looking at students and not the whole population in the age range it’s still not quite right. Is there a survey I missed that might let them get the data for the age ranges I mentioned?

The PUMF for the Canadian Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs Survey (CTAD) might work. The 2015 person file has an "age of respondent" variable (dvage) with detailed ages from 15 to 85. There's a variable for provinces (prov). And the survey certainly includes a lot of variables about smoking! It's more of a question of seeing if the ages can be grouped together with large enough amounts of respondents for your researcher's analysis to make sense.

Bonus content: It just so happens that I use "smoking" as an example search in an Odesi exercise I sometimes give to students (attached). We don't subscribe to Odesi, but it has great metadata and I often use it to identify potential PUMFs of interest on different topics, using pretty much the same procedure as described in the exercise. Searching Nesstar is another great way to go about it. Please note that this last link might not work from off-campus.