Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Most popular Census release

Of the standard census releases below,  which is the most popular ?

Population and dwelling counts - Age and sex - Type of dwelling - Families, households and marital status – Language – Income - Immigration and ethnocultural diversity – Housing - Aboriginal peoples – Education – Labour - Journey to work - Language of work -Mobility and migration

That is, which ones do they  get the most questions about and the most interest on day of release ?  Which gets the most media interest?

I would have thought that Pop. And Dwelling counts gets the most buzz,  just because it is the first release, and people are interested in communities changes in population size. I would have thought that income would be the next most popular, giving a look at poverty changes. But does  the Census division have any information on whether these assumptions are correct or not. They may be able to comment more on past census releases, rather than the current one which is not finished yet. What was most popular in 2006 and 2011 would be great.

The most popular standard census release is Pop and Dwell by a large margin.

2011 Census release

NHS release